Welcome to Look Ceylon! Sri Lanka (or Ceylon as it was once known) is considered by many to be the most beautiful country in the world. Stunning beaches, breathtaking mountain views, lush tea plantations, tranquil lakes, tropical forests and the list goes on….

The country lies next to the Maldives, which arguably has the best beaches of any country, and Kerala, the Southern state of India, which is also becoming an increasingly popular travel destination. Sri Lanka has a colorful past and is full of many natural resources, most notably its tea, coffee and spices. It is a predominantly Buddhist country (Theravada- early Buddhism) with an ancient culture that can still be seen today in many of the wonderful temples, monuments and sites. Sri Lanka was colonized by the Portuguese, then the Dutch and finally the British before achieving independence in 1948. This rich and diverse history lends itself to a very unique culture which one can see in the architecture, arts and crafts. Sri Lanka is also a home to ayurvedic medicine, which makes it especially appealing for those Westerners who believe in holistic health techniques.

Couple these facts with the most charming, kind and hospitable people you are ever likely to encounter on your travels and you have a paradise just waiting to be visited.

However, owing to the continuing problems with the civil war in the North of the country, where government troops battle Tamil Tiger rebels, tourism is at an all time low in the country. Despite the reality of it being perfectly safe to travel to Sri Lanka in the central and southern regions, the constant bad news coming out in the media is keeping the mainstream tourists away. The situation wasn’t helped in December, 2004 when the Tsunami hit the West Coast of Sri Lanka very severley and the country has yet to properly recover from this terrible disaster.

Ironically, this situation of negative publicity has opened up a different area of travel in Sri Lanka- one of luxury. This niche is filled by the discerning traveler who can afford to spend that little bit extra and doesn’t pay attention to the worries of the mass tourism industry. Furthermore, this type of luxury traveler is rather attracted by the exclusivity and personal touch that one gets by being one of the special few. It’s like a “private club” growing in the middle of Asia and the “who’s who” are being catered for by those who know how to provide service in style.

Out of this rapidly growing luxury travel market in Sri Lanka are being born the most luxurious and exclusive boutique hotels, villas, private islands, spas, restaurants, shops, specialty tours and many other aspects of luxe travel.

It is this area of luxury travel in Sri Lanka that this blog is about. We want to share first-hand with readers our knowledge of traveling the country in style and hope that we can convert a few to visit this unique island paradise. We will be reviewing and featuring every aspect of luxe travel in Sri Lanka, whether that be the hotels, private villas, restaurants or tour companies. And we won’t be just regurgitating what you can find elsewhere on the web, as we actually know Sri Lanka intimately and regularly visit the place ourselves!

Finally, we’re not out to make our millions from this blog and so won’t be filling it up with spammy affiliate links and ads. Having said this, we are probably able help you if you are serious about visiting the country as we know many of the hotel owners, etc- so can likely get you a good deal. Therefore, do contact us if you would like our help or advice.